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    Slipping his pack off his shoulder, he held it infront of him at the ready, kept his hand on his phaserwithout taking the weapon off his belt yet, becausehe would need his hands, and stood up straight.Here in the shadows, if he didn't crouch, he mightlook like just another Jem'Hadar to someone look-ing this way.
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  • It was a tacit admission that she attached no more importance, as far as he and she were concerned, to the ceremony of welcoming him as the new Squire of Smallbridge, than Hornblower himself. It was all nonsense, of course, and just his nerves getting the better of him, but Drake, Skan whispered carefully, we're being paced.
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  • The thought of the ceremony had been in Hornblower's mind ever since he woke up; it could not be said that he disliked the prospect, but he was not comfortable about it.
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  • That's why it was difficult to understand how Wulfgar's hammer came out so fast to hook over Liam's blade and take it safely wide of the mark.
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  • He was remaking what had been, whatever its faults, a stable social order which had changed only slowly and incrementally over the last six or seven hundred years. A young man and myself concluded to go on down to Natchez, to see if we could hear anything of our boats; for we supposed they would float out from the raft,and keep on down the river.
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    Yet that made it no less ironic that, in so many ways, the Grayson Space Navy was actually closer to the ideal of the Manticoran Navy than the RMN itself.
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